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Recognizing Signs and Symptoms in your feline friend
2- Change in urination and defecation
  * If you are using absorbent litter you can note the number and size of wet spots before you scoop the poop and stir the litter. If you have more than one cat and more than one litter box you can still know the total amount of urine produced each day divided by the number of cats and it should be close to the average. The same goes for your cat(s) bowel movements.

3- Actions and Interactions
  *Know your cat's typical daily activity - greeting you at the door, waking you in the morning, following you to the bathroom, playing with toys, etc. Cats withdraw rather than complain when they don't feel well, so a cat that is not interacting normally or not spending time in their usual places may have a problem.  

Each cat is a unique individual. It is best to know what is normal for your cat. Pay attention to a few simple details about your cat's daily routine and you will not miss early signs that something is wrong. A cat that is eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom is most likely a healthy cat. Noticing subtle changes in normal routines may alert you to an issue that needs to be addressed before it turns into a problem.  

Signs that there may be a problem are:

1- Change in drinking or  appetite
    * subtle changes can be an increase or decrease in appetite or thirst 

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