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Holiday Safety

springer spaniel holding flag for july 4th

As we prepare for barbecues and fireworks this fourth of July, it's important to keep your pet's safety in mind. Most pets are terrified of fireworks and loud noises. The loud noises, crowds, and bursts of light can all boost your pet's anxiety. Keep your pet's away from fireworks and create a safe haven for them at home. You can try turning on a radio or TV to distract them from outside noise. We recommend soothing music or The Animal Planet station. Make sure all windows and doors are secured so that your pet can't escape if they get startled.

Here are some pet safety tips

Leave your pet's at home 

Never use fireworks around pet's

Keep your pet in a safe room where they can feel comfortable. You can put a blanket over their crate to help make them feel secure

Make sure your pet has their collar with ID information on during festivities, just in case they escape and run away. Collars can fall off, so make sure your pet is microchipped

Keep in mind the food and drinks you serve your guests may be harmful to pets.

Remind guests not to give your pets any table snacks

If your pet experiences severe anxiety, give us a call and one of our doctors can discuss more options or prescribe an anxiety medication.  If you're interested in microchipping your pet give us a call. 



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